Arete (Greek) means living your highest potential moment to moment.
MISSION STATEMENT: Arete365 passionately focuses on ideas and products that contain clear and bright solutions to our most pressing challenges. We hope that our projects create a healthier planet for all species. We commit to making honest, deeply researched, and groundbreaking ideas that can nurture and evolve our culture and our relationship to this planet. Arete365 also offers holistic health tools (as Hard Copy and an App) to help people live their highest potential moment to moment.

Arete365 is a TOOL to help you REACH YOUR DREAMS. This is a holistic approach to guide you plan your day with tips for your Energy/Time Management, Physical Health, and Spiritual/Emotional Health. We have carefully designed the Arete365 into sections. Arete365 includes a section with tips for your Energy Management. We have also included a colorful illustration of a medicinal plant, with instructions, and ingredients of a daily recipe. Arete365 creates a new lifestyle for you to live your Highest potential moment to moment 365 days a year.