I was raised in a unique neighborhood mixed with Moslems, Christians, Bahais, and Jews. My mother, Aziz, was the center of peace in our community. 

From a very young age, I learned a few but valuable guidance from my mother, Aziz. Never judge people. Love them for who they are now. Know what goes on in your mind. Have mindsight. Live a prosperous lifestyle.


I came to this country at a very young age, went to film school (LACC and USC), and traveled around the world as a journalist after I graduated. Meeting many different people while carrying the culture I was raised in helped me connect to many people. 

I then entered Hollywood, produced Racer Girlz for Discovery channel, and Hardly News Comic show for Warner Brothers.


Once I left Hollywood around 2005, I decided to focus on documentaries focused on "A Healthier Planet for All Species." No fear, no blame, but RFS (Relentless Focused Solutions) was the foundation of all my stories.


In 2016 I bought a used Tesla Model S and planned to share what I have learned with 33,333 people. I shared all I learned first from my mother and then from everyone else I have met through these years. Love people for who they are now. Live Arete365. Arete (a Greek word) means living your highest potential moment to moment. By meeting new events in life, ask yourself, "what does the highest version of me do at this moment." Once you receive answers from the universe, focus on, "and I discipline myself to do that now."


While driving 33,333 people, I realized how people become happier and blossom once you remind them of their inner power.


Below are some reflections on how people reacted to our meeting.